Summer School
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Summer School On-campus

Welcome to the TU Berlin Summer School

Join students from over 60 countries around the world and take part in our unique and hands-on academic program at the TU Berlin, in Germany, Europe.
We offer courses in both summer and winter of 2 to 4 weeks, in both on-campus and online formats. These classes are taught in English and participants can earn European Credit Points (ECTS) for their studies.

The TU Berlin Summer School on-campus program will run from July 3rd to August 25th, 2023

You’ll explore highlights of Berlin and get to know your international peers with our cultural program.
We welcome participants to join from wherever you are in the globe and is open to students, graduates, and working professionals.

Please find the overview of our on-campus courses below.


3 July - 14 July 20233 ECTS credit pointsRegistration Deadline: 5 June, 2023
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Start German

Although Berlin is an international city, you will find it much easier to understand your surroundings and enjoy the city if you have acquired some basics in German.

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Modeling Smart Transportation Systems

This course offers theoretical and practical learning materials for transportation modelling and simulation techniques, with a focus on Smart Mobility and ITS solutions and real-world applications.

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Engineering Innovation

Students examine the innovator’s mindset and explore the culture of innovation. In a real- work, hands-on way, students learn how to be innovative and understand why innovation is integral to commercial success in the 21st Century’s digital revolution.

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Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

In this course, the fundamentals of Python are covered, with a special focus on the skills necessary for in-depth data analyses and data visualization. These two skills are fundamental in a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to STEM and Humanities fields of study.


17 July - 11 August 20235 ECTS credit pointsRegistration Deadline: 19 June, 2023
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Business Data Science with Python

Business Data Science with Python contains the learning materials, practices and case studies to develop the knowledge and skills in the field of data science and its application in the real business world.

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CanSat Satellite Design

A CanSat is a small satellite in shape of a commercial beverage can that performs several measuring tasks. In this course, a CanSat is designed, built and tested in the field during a rocket launch.

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Java Programming

Java's unique architecture enables programmers to develop a single application that can run across multiple platforms seamlessly and reliably. In this course, students gain extensive experience with Java and it object-oriented features. Students learn to create robust console and GUI applications.

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Engineering Entrepreneurship

Engineering Entrepreneurship introduces engineering students to the concepts and practices of technological entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurship.


Startup Crash Course

In the Startup Crash Course, you will learn how to develop a start-up idea into a successful business model and how to a win a startup pitch. The course offers knowledge on how to start a company and push it to success.


14 August - 25 August 20233 ECTS credit pointsRegistration Deadline: 17 July, 2023
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System Dynamics and Data Science with Python

This program helps students to develop understanding and proficiency in system dynamics simulation to evaluate the future of one business in the real world by system thinking approach to consider the linear and nonlinear impacts between different components of one business.

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Design Thinking for Sustainable Design & Development

Design thinking is a powerful holistic process, which aims to shift the paradigm and focus from innovation centered on technology and economy towards the one on human needs. This process is iterative and flexible, emphasizing the collaboration between innovators and users.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Getting introduced to current major themes in innovation and entrepreneurship, including human-centered design and innovation eco-systems, this practical course will guide participants to create new valued products & services from idea generation through to business concept development.


Future Skills for Engineers

Future skills like adaptability, creativity, tolerance of ambiguity or mindfulness have always been helpful in communicating and working together. On the other hand they are usually not explicitely taught at (technical) universities, so during this course we will focus on those in a learning-by-doing-approach.

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Design Build

This Summer University project focuses on exploring Berlin through analogue hand drawing, and then using drawing and model making methods to design and construct a small building project. This project will run as a collaboration between Linescapes and the Open Space Collective, TU Berlin

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Introduction to Biomechanics

Biomechanics, as a growing field of engineering, has many applications in the health and sport sectors. In this course, the fundamental principles of biomechanics and their application to real life situations will be covered.