Summer School
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General Information

The TU Berlin Summer School will be offering one scholarship, the TU Berlin President’s Scholarship to an exceptional applicant applying to participate in course of the 2023 TU Berlin Summer Program.

The TU Berlin President’s Scholarship is a scholarship that provides free tuition, supported by the TU Berlin. This scholarship will be awarded to ONE applicant only.

Please note: Scholarship applications can only be submitted for on-campus courses and do not include accommodation and travel expenses. Applicants must be able to finance all other expenses on their own.

All applicants must register for the TU Berlin Summer School via the registration portal and upload the supporting documents while registering.




Other Scholarship Options

Participants seeking financial assistance are encouraged to check on opportunities available at their home institution or to look into scholarships provided by third parties, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (the DAAD).

The following websites may be a useful starting point:

Enquiries regarding scholarships and funding opportunities from any of these organisations should be made directly to the provider.

Please note that the application deadlines usually differ from those of the TU Berlin Summer and Winter School, so applications may be due well in advance of our programs.