Summer School
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Our summer and winter schools are open to all qualified participants, including current students, graduates, mature students, and working professionals.

We require that all applicants are proficient in English (B2, CEFR) and have completed at least one year of university (or can demonstrate equivalent work experience). If you are applying as current student, please upload your current transcript or enrollment certificate. You will be asked to upload your verification when you register - more details on what we accept below.

English proficiency
If you are a non-native English speaker, you will need to upload a document or certificate. We accept any test results that show you have a score equivalent to B2 or above in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The table below shows how some of the mainstream English tests compare with B2 in the CEFR system. If your certificate is from a different test provider to the ones mentioned below, that's fine - please upload it during registration anyway. It is important that your test shows you have at least B2 or equivalent. If we have questions about your score after you have registered, we will get in touch with you.

English Language Equivalencies

CEFR (Europe)IELTSTOEICTOEFL iBTCET (bands 4 or 6)(China)TEPS(Korea)

If you are a native English speaker, please select the tick-box to show this during registration. You will then be exempt from having to upload proof of English level.

Please note that if you indicate that you are a native English speaker during registration, but your citizenship is from a country where English is not the/a national language, then we will ask you to provide evidence of your English level. 

University Studies in English: if you are currently studying at a university where English is the language of teaching, we can also accept evidence that you have passed courses at this university as evidence that you have the appropriate level of English. In this case, you can upload a transcript (record of results) in place of a language certificate. It should be clear on the transcript that the language of teaching is indeed English. 

University experience
You will be asked to upload evidence that you have at least a year of university experience during the registration. If you are currently enrolled, please upload your most recent  academic transcript or  university enrollment certificate.

If you have not yet completed a year of university experience, but will have done by the time you join the Summer or Winter University, then evidence that you have passed your first semester so far, will also suffice (please upload the transcript from your first semester).

Your transcript or enrollment certificate should be in English (or easily read by an English speaker). 

We do not accept copies of student cards as evidence of university experience.

Working professional
If you have not completed a year of university experience, but have equivalent working experience, please upload your CV in place of a university certificate. 

Course-specific prerequisites
Please note that each course has its own prerequisites. Don't forget to check them on each course description before registering.