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About TU Berlin

General Info:

Where is the TU located?
The TU Berlin is centrally located in the district of Charlottenburg in the heart of City West. Since Berlin’s public transport system is known to be one of the best in the world, the main campus can be easily reached from every corner of the city.

What is special about the Technische Universität Berlin?
Contrary to what you might expect from the name, TU Berlin does not only offer courses in technology, engineering, and the natural sciences; TU students can also study the humanities, social sciences, culture and technology, and economics. With its almost 34,000 students, TU Berlin is one of the largest technical universities in Germany. TU also has a high proportion of foreign students.

How large is the TU Berlin?
TU Berlin is spread across various locations in the city, which together amount to a total area of some 604,000 sq.m. Around 35,570 students are enrolled in around 100 degree programs within seven faculties (March 2020). The university employs a staff of around 7,830 including professors, postgraduate researchers, employees in administration, trainees and student assistants.

When was the TU Berlin established?
The TU Berlin was established under its present name in 1946. However, its history reaches much further into the past to institutions such as the Mining Academy, the Building Academy, and the Vocational Academy, which were founded in 1770, 1799, and 1821, respectively. In 1879, the latter two united to form the Royal Technical College and were joined later by the Mining Academy. In 1946 the former Technical College Berlin-Charlottenburg in the British Military Sector of Berlin was reestablished as the Technische Universität Berlin.