Sprachen Online Lernen
Die Zentraleinrichtung Moderne Sprachen (ZEMS) der Technischen Universität Berlin bietet einen "Small Private Online Courses" (SPOC) für alle ENHANCE Mitglieder in Italienisch an.
Alle Angehörigen der Universitäten der ENHANCE-Allianz sind zur Teilnahme eingeladen. Die Kursgebühr richtet sich nach der ZEMS Gebührenordnung (64,00 € für TU Studierende, 120,00 € für Externe). Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer*innen ist auf 30 begrenzt.
Detaillierte Informationen zum Kurs finden Sie unten. Die Anmeldung erfolgt direkt bei der ZEMS. Für Rückfragen zum Kurs und zur Einschreibung wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Herrn Jean-Philippe Hashold.


The course Italian A1 (4 SWS) leads to level A1 of the CEFR. It has been designed as a Small Private Online Course (SPOC). If you are not sure whether the course is right for you after having read the explanation, please contact us.

Access requirements: For beginners / false beginners

Teaching material: Al dente 1 (A1), Libro dello studente + esercizi + CD + DVD. For more information about the textbook, please visit the website of the editor. All editions have the same content. Please get the teaching material before the course starts!

Format: The course takes place in semi-intensive format from 25/10/2022 to 10/01/2023 as a Small Private Online Course exclusively online asynchronously on the platform moodle and synchronously via Zoom. It is aimed at students who are ready to acquire Italian language skills from zero to A1 quickly and independently. Students are guided through the Al Dente 1 textbook with the help of digital learning paths and discover the structures of the Italian language independently. Partner and group work is encouraged through appropriate tasks and moderated forums. Each unit is followed by an hour of conversation on Zoom. Organizational and technical support is provided throughout the course.

Zoom sessions take place from 08:30 to 09:30 am according to the following schedule:

18/04/2023 Course introduction
25/04/2023 Conversation Unit 1
02/05/2023 Conversation Unit 2
09/05/2023 Conversation Unit 3
16/05/2023 Conversation Unit 4
23/05/2023 Conversation Unit 5
30/05/2023 Conversation Unit 6
06/06/2023 Conversation Unit 7
13/06/2023 Conversation Unit 8
20/06/2023 Exam (or 22/06/2023)

Attendance: Regular attendance is compulsory from the first day of the course (minimum 80% of the learning paths and Conversation).

Finale Grade: the end-of-term exam consists of four parts representing each 25% of the final grade (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral competence, written competence). You can achieve 100 points (100 %).

Workload: The course is credited at TU with 6 ECTS (100 hours of attendance, 50 hours of preparation and revision, 30 hours of examination and examination preparation).

Enroll procedure: Create first an account on the learning platform and log in once. Then contact hashold(at) via E-Mail and provide proof of enrolment at an ENHANCE university.

Recognition: We cannot guaranty that the course will be completely recognized in your curriculum at your university. In order to give you some support by this process we deliver at the end of the course a certificate mentioning learning objectives and outcomes, achieved points in the exam (in percentage), workload with detailed work hours and ECTS.

After completing the booking process, please visit the course area for further information.


Weitere Informationen und Kontakt


Beim Sprachenlernen sind Tandems mit Muttersprachler*innen sehr effektiv. Die ENHANCE Tandems Plattform vermittelt Sprache und Kultur der Universitäten der Allianz.

Einrichtung Zentraleinrichtung Moderne Sprachen (ZEMS)
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