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Research Interests

My research interests include studying the science, technology, and innovation (STI) policies in infrastructure sectors, particularly, in the electricity, gas, water, and sewage. In my research, I am assessing the impact of STI policies and programs in the Global South and OECD countries on innovation outputs by using quasi-experimental methods (e.g., Difference-in-Difference, and Synthetic Control, as well as qualitative methods (e.g., Interviews, and Documental Analysis).

In my dissertation I am researching regulatory tools to foster innovation in energy sectors. Please contact me if you are interested in research collaboration, or if you want to know more about my work.


Academic Career

  • Joint PHD Candidate at the Technical University of Berlin & University of Campinas
  • MSc. In Human and Social Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Campinas, 2016‑2017
  • BSc. Business Administration, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Campinas, 2009‑2016
  • BSc. Public Policies Management, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Campinas, 2009‑2015
  • Bachelor Exchange Program at University of Jaén, 2012



  • RIBEIRO, B. C.; BIN, A. SERAFIM; P. M. Public and Private Initiatives to Stimulate Research and Innovationin Brazilian Sanitation. Revista DAE, 2022 (ACCEPTED PAPER).
  • RIBEIRO, B. C.; BIN, A. SERAFIM; P. M. Innovation Dynamics of the State Basic Sanitation Companies. Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental, V. 27, P. 305‑314, 2022.
  • RIBEIRO, B. C.; BIN, A. Environmental Regulation as a RD Inductor: Study of Electric and Piped Gas Sector in Brazil. Revista Tecnologia e Sociedade, V. 17, P. 202‑218, 2021.
  • LEITE, J. P. A.; SILVA, M. G. S.; RIBEIRO, B. C. Networks and Replicability of Social Technologies in Latin America Agriculture and Food. Diálogo, V. 44, P. P. 115‑128‑128, 2020.
  • RIBEIRO, B. C.; BIN, A. The State of the Art of Philanthropic Funding in Science, Technology, and Innovation(STI) in Brazil. Revista de Direito do Terceiro Setor, V. 24, P. 143‑153, 2018.


Selected work in progress

  • Effects of Innovation Stimuli Regulation in the Electricity Sector: A quantitative study on European countries with Luciane Graziele Pereira Ferrero, Adriana Bin, and Knut Blind. (under review).
  • The Landscape of Regulatory Tools to foster Innovation and Technology in the Electricity Sector with Tooraj Jamasb, Fabian Scheifele, and Adriana Bin
  • Economic Complexity of the Hydrogen Value Chain with Fabian Scheifele, and Parsa Ashari



  • Systematic Evaluation of The Grantees of Serrapilheira Institute (2018‑Present)
  • Evaluation System of the Ex‑Post Results and Impacts on Research, Development, and Innovation in CEMIG (2018‑2021)


Recent Funding

  • Santander Research Scholarships | DERI International Mobility Graduate Students 
  • Research Grant ‑ Bi‑Nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees/Cotutelle. Scholarship by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • Research Grant: Doctoral Degree. Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES)