IPlytics GmbH

IPlytics was founded by economist of the Chair of Innovation Economics at the TU Berlin and by developers of the Fraunhofer FOKUS. IPlytics is a Berlin based company that offers an online based patent analytics platform tool to analyze market developments, technology trends and a company’s competitive position for patenting and standardization. IPlytics Platform integrates patent analysispatent valuationspatent mappingpatent landscaping and a mapping of technology standards and products, such as an identification of standard essential patents, patent licensing terms or patent pools. IPlytics Platform helps companies making the right R&D investment decisions by providing actionable and trustworthy insights on relevant IP assets.

IPlytics solution adds value in a scenario in which technology management teams are historically short-staffed and have budgetary limits in gaining access to multiple databases for their analyses and strategic conclusions. Such teams can leverage the power of an integrated, intelligent interface and base their recommendations on efficient searching and analysis capabilities. IPlytics facilitates not only understanding the technology landscape, but also obtaining a tiered perspective of how patents relate to standards, products, and markets and how technology will evolve in the future. Standards e.g. specify fundamental technologies in interconnected industries upon which many products evolve. Technical standards documents provide access to not yet linked, strategically relevant information for IPlytics clients.

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