Ant. Technologies

Ant.Technologies is an international enterprise that works towards access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy solutions for all (SDG 7). With a core team based in Berlin, Germany, Ant’s experience in the energy access field and network of innovators and collaborators expands all through South-East Asia and Africa.

Ant. offers:

● R&D and innovation management for energy access technologies. Ant. develops marketable solutions for core energy service needs such as lighting, entertainment, and cooling. The hardware and software products and associated services are co-designed, open, desirable, and affordable by different end users in developing economies.

● Business and technical support for energy entrepreneurs. To roll out and scale up businesses around new tech, Ant. offers tailored business, technical training and support to energy entrepreneurs in various developing economies. Ant. works directly with aspiring entrepreneurs and/or their current mentors and supporters to help them develop core business and technical skills needed to make their innovative businesses sustainable.

Since mid-2017, Ant. is working on its first product, Ant.home: an integrative, modular, affordable, and smart solar-powered home energy platform that can grow over time. It is the first technology to allow for the incremental creation of personalized low-voltage direct current (LCDC) household-level networks in developing economies.

Ant.home allows plugging in various solar components (batteries, panels, appliances) and 12VDC appliances, to expand energy supply incrementally and easily over time. This is enabled by the Ant.socket, the hardware building block of the network, the first hardware in the market to allow for universal plug-and-play integration of components from different solar manufacturers.

In 2017, Ant.home’s initial R&D has been funded by the Berlin Start Up Stipendium.

Ant. is actively looking for new strategic and operational partners, interns, and Master thesis students. In case of an interest, contact Ant. at