Podcasts 2020

How to measure the value of personal data

How could the value of personal data be measured? In this podcast, students discuss different ways of valuation in a simulated trial about corporate data misuse.
A lawyer from a data broker argues in favor of the lowest evaluations, whereas the lawyer for the victims proposes the highest evaluations. Different arguments are proposed to gradually meet in the middle and find a compromise. Join the jury!



Henrik Rabeler 
He Yichang 
Matthias Schütz 

The Economics of Augmented Reality

Will Augmented Reality be the next big thing, the next trillion dollar market? This is the topic of the podcast which will be discussed by the students and 2 guests, both experts in their field. If you are interested in the answer, this podcast will be worth hearing.



Fabian Bolze 
Peter-Jessé Müller 
Muharrem Metehan Kartal