Investigating standards and standardization aimed to encounter climate change

All types of standards can contribute to the economic success of companies and innovation within companies. On the international level, too, standards play a crucial role because they can be used to achieve policy goals. However, regarding global challenges like climate change, the full potential of standards is not yet exploited. Processes are too…

Master Thesis on ICT markets (funding opportunities available)

Contact: Tim Pohlmann.

We are currently offering a topic for a master thesis for a student who studies economics, business or related fields. We offer a salary on the basis of 800€ per month (over a period of 6 month). The student must have some experience with data handling and analysis. We prefer students who have experience with stata. We also…

Master's Thesis on Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain in Emerging Countries

Contact: Moritz Böhmecke-Schwafert.

The technology of Blockchain was recently listed as one of the top ten emerging digital innovation by the OECD. The underlying concept of Blockchain is a distributed database recording every transaction simultaneously in so-called blocks that are immutably interconnected Thus it is a transparent and permanent…

Master's Thesis on Quality Infrastructure

Contact: Knut Blind.

In cooperation with the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany (DAkkS) the chair is offering Master's Thesis' in the topic area of quality infrastructure (e.g. certification and accreditation). Own ideas are also very welcome.

Migration and Innovation

Contact: Knut Blind.

Due to various positiv and negative reasons more and more people resettle and move to other countries and cultures. This is especially interesting for innovation and entrepreneurship. How do immigrants affect innovation activities? Do they affect innovation at all? This thesis should deal with these questions and should try to…

Open source software (OSS) & Standardization

Contact: Knut Blind.

In the context of current advances in technology, open source software (OSS) implementation is, in addition to standards, also driving innovation, and is becoming increasingly widespread, in particular in the area of ICT standards. The European Commission considers the integration between open source projects and standards…

Produkt- und Dienstleistungsinnovationen in der Energiewirtschaft

Contact: Cem Misirlioglu.

Die deutschen Unternehmen im leitungsgebundenen Energiemarkt erfahren seit der Liberalisierung einen bedeutenden Wandel, dessen Begründung in der Deregulierung ehemals monopolistischer Märkte liegt und durch Richtlinien graduell in einen funktionsfähigen Binnenmarkt in der Europäischen Union geführt hat. Somit stehen die…

Public Innovation

Contact: Knut Blind.

Innovationen im Öffentlichen Sektor und in Kooperation mit dem Öffentlichen Sektor (via öffentlicher Beschaffung oder Private-Public-Partnerships) bedürfen sowohl einer konzeptionellen Aufarbeitung als auch einer quantitativen Erfassung via schon existierender Sekundärdaten oder zu erhebender Primärdaten.

Regional Innovation Policy: Berlin as an innovative location

This thesis can use data from the Berlin Innovation Panel (BIP) to study the apsects of the regional cluster of Berlin.

Contact: Knut Blind or Charlotte Rochell

Regulatory Sandboxes

Contact: Knut BlindProf. Dr. rer. pol.

The increasing speed of science and technology is challenging the existing regulatory frameworks and increases the likelihood that regulations are obstacles to innovation. Therefore, the European Commission offers Innovation Deals as voluntary cooperation agreements between the EU, innovators, and national,…