Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Standardization

Contact: Knut Blind.

We are looking for Master students interested in investigating the relationship between AI and standardization. On the one hand, we are in particular interested in the implications of AI on future topics in standardization. On the other hand, AI might also have implications on standardization processes and the governance of…

Bachelor's/Master's Thesis on: Impacts of platforms on innovation

Contact: Knut Blind.

Platforms themselves are important technological and organizational innovations. However, they have also significant implications on various types of innovations including innovation systems. Consequently, various challenges for innovation management and innovation policy arises.

5G as the next generation of a cellular…

Big Data from an Innovation Economics and Policy Perspective

Contact: Knut Blind.

Fields of Study: Business administration, economics or industrial engineering background

Topic: New technological opportunities create large data volumes, which could be the basis for the creation of new markets, but also have implications on existing industries and markets (see…

Drivers and impacts of Open Source

We are looking for theses which investigate drivers for open source software, e.g. hosted at GitHub, and open source hardware. There are large databases of commits contributed to GitHub, which can be connected to further information about their contributors. This information can be complemented by country or company information to analyze their…

eGovernment indicators explaining Innovation in the Public Sector

Contact: Knut Blind.

Fields of Study: Management, economics, business administration, engineering background (e.g. ICT)

Topic: eGovernment development in the European Member States is at different stages. Whereas developed economies are far advanced in their usage of ICT for improving functioning of the public sector and service delivery most…

Empirical analysis of compliance with the trade rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

With increasing geopolitical uncertainties and changing policy patterns, the occurrence of trade conflicts must be expected to increase. For Germany and the EU, this means that trade relations with other countries must increasingly be assessed according to the probability of trade conflicts with these countries. Based on the data and statistics of…

Geography of Innovation: The Impact of Infrastructure

Large infrastructure investment programs are often promoted as growth engines for regional development. This Master thesis will emprically investigate the economic effects of newly built highways on regional economic activity using the extensive infrastructure program “German Unification” as a natural experiment.

Contact: Charlotte Rochell


How peer communities advance sustainable innovations

How peer communities advance sustainable innovations

Innovation studies have traditionally focused on firm activities. However, enabled by digital technologies, peer collaboration has become an essential element of innovation landscapes and may play a crucial role in sustainability transitions. In contrast to the classical innovator, peer…

Identification of breakthrough innovation

Contact: Prof. K. Blind

Recently, Germany has established an agency for the support of breakthrough innovations (Sprunginnovationen).

We are looking for Master thesis about approaches to identify such breakthrough innovations, but also analyzing and comparing policies and…

Interaction between standardization and environmental policy

Contact: Knut Blind.

Regulation has been the traditional instrument of policy makers to protect the environment. However, the so called New Approach (Link hinterlegen organizes the interplay between governmental regulations and standards within the European Union.  Therefore, standardization is an important activity to…