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Technology and Sector specific Studies

Technological sovereignty, strategic autonomy and further related concepts: Investigating the links to innovation

Following various changes in the global geopolitical landscape, there is an increasing call for securing technological, but also digital sovereignty. Edler et al. (2023) define technology sovereignty as "Technology sovereignty as an emerging frame for innovation policy. Defining rationales, ends and means". Independently, Kar and Thepa (2020) developed an understanding of digital sovereignty as multidimensional strategic autonomy, which can be achieved by carefully  treating and influencing reciprocal interdependencies in digitalisation. However, these are only two approaches to define sovereignty both from more technological and economic perspective on the one hand and from a governmental perspective on the other hand. We are looking for Master students interested in developing even more comprehensive conceptual approaches towards technological sovereignty or strategic autonomy e.g. combining or integrating economic approaches with political economy. In addition, we are also interested in their operationalisation based on specific case studies, technologies and sectors or even countries e.g. in relying on appropriate indicators and quantitative methodologies. Finally, there are different strategies and instruments, which are closely linked to research, technology and innovation policies to be investigated and assessed. 


If you are interested, please contact Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Knut Blind