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Exploring the Adoption of the International Energy Management Standard ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is a worldwide applied standard that, since 2011, aims to support companies and organizations in establishing systematic energy management. It also demonstrates that an energy management system complies with the standard through certification. In the frame of the master thesis, we offer to investigate a dataset based on web-mined data on the adoption of ISO 50001 by companies as indicated on their websites. The Mannheim Enterprise Panel provides the data. The research goal of the master thesis is to analyze the data and to build a "landscape" of the application of ISO 50001 in Germany. The results shall be further analyzed with the help of regression models to investigate the differences among sectors, sizes, and locations more closely.

Similar research has already been undertaken for ISO/IEC 27001 on information security by Miersch, Kinne, and Blind (2020).

Contact: Prof. Dr. Knut Blind