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Existence and impacts of roadmaps of standardisation in emerging fields of technology

Since the last years, roadmapping has been applied in the field of standardisation, e.g. Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, AI. Furthermore, the impact of the produced roadmaps has yet to be assessed. Therefore, we are looking for Bachelor's or Master's students who are interested in reviewing the landscape of standardization roadmaps as a first step. In the second step, criteria should be developed to assess the impacts of standardization roadmaps. In the final step, the identified criteria or key performance indicators should be implemented for selected roadmaps. From a methodological perspective, the existing scientific evidence has to be screened, like Featherston et al. 2016. Then, the published roadmaps and related publications must be screened. Finally, interviews with involved stakeholders are certainly needed.


contact: Knut Blind