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eGovernment indicators explaining Innovation in the Public Sector

Contact: Knut Blind.

Fields of Study: Management, economics, business administration, engineering background (e.g. ICT)

Topic: eGovernment development in the European Member States is at different stages. Whereas developed economies are far advanced in their usage of ICT for improving functioning of the public sector and service delivery most developing countries are at much lower levels not least because of a lack of a comparable framework for measuring eGovernment. Internationally comparable eGovernment indicators are very limited and making it almost impossible to compare and contrast innovation performance. To measure the contribution of eGovernment to public sector innovation there is a need to identify and develop a set of relevant indicators for the measurement of eGovernment which explain innovation performance (available data should be matched with data from other studies).

(Other) suggestions welcome!

Possibilities of cooperation: Fraunhofer FOKUS