Energie, Komfort und Gesundheit in Gebäuden


Project details

Project termDecember 2018 to Dezember 2020
Funding codeSWD-
Project managementLukas Schmitt

Operative temperature as measurement and control parameter for direct electrical heating systems

The aim of the research project “OpTemp-Heizung” is the development and testing of simple and low-cost measurement and control methods which use the locally sensed (operative) room temperature instead of the air temperature as control parameter. The temperature will be adapted very quickly to create a comfortable room climate analogous to switching on and off the lighting. This will be achieved with fast reacting, electrically heated surfaces. Firstly, the walls and the ceiling of a test room will be equipped with a PTC heating fabric that is thermally decoupled from the buildings mass. Secondly, commercially available heating windows with a few nanometer thick, transparent metal oxide coating will be used. This considers the fact that each system described above is subject to constructional restrictions regarding the location of the heat input – i.e. heating windows can only be installed on the facade and heating fabrics can only be installed on free inner surfaces. Each system shall achieve the above-mentioned purpose on its own. A direct adaptation of the individual room surface temperatures opens energetic saving potentials due to lower air temperatures at the same comfort level and due to the avoidance of the inertia-related oversupply of conventional heating systems. For this purpose, a comparison with conventional hot water heating systems will be made for both systems. In the context of thermal-energetic simulations, the influence of various boundary conditions and system parameters will also be analyzed to ensure the transferability of the results.