Geodäsie und Ausgleichungsrechnung
Tasks and Fields of Application:

Engineering Surveyors describe objects on the face of the planet or the planet itself through measurements. These values are then analysed with our important tools Statistics and Adjustment Calculation in order to rate the achieved and ensure the demanded quality.

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Tasks and Fields of Application:

The field of Engineering Surveying is a melting pot of different other fields of specialisation (e.g. Photogrammetry or GNSS) as our tasks vary dramatically regarding scale, behaviour of the object or demanded accuracy. That requires a mental agility and sound knowledge of several data acquisition and post processing techniques so that Engineering Surveyors have to be trained thoroughly. Typical fields of applications are Deformation Analysis, 3D Mapping, 3D Reconstruction, Statistical Test and Adjustments, Machine Alignment in Industrial Surveys, Structural Monitoring, Satellite Navigation and Positioning,...

Career Prospects:

Due to the versatility of Engineering Surveyors the spectrum of job oppurtunities is quite extensive reaching from Aeronautics, Maritime Applications, Automobile Industry, Archaeology, Athmospheric Physics, Mining, Construction Industry, Licensed and Cadastral Surveying, Quality Assurance, As-Built Documentation, Forensics, Enviromental Sciences to Geology.



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