Angewandte Geochemie

Dr. Ferry Schiperski

    Gebäude BH-N
    Raum BH-N 905


    • Senior scientist at the department of Applied Geochemistry
    • Deputy head of the department of Applied Geochemistry
    • Head of X-Ray laboratories (µ-XRF, XRF, XRD, automatic fusion device)
    • Elected member of the institute council

    Research Interest

    • Transport and attenuation of dissolved substances as well as inorganic colloids, bacteria, and micro- and nanoplastics in the watershed scale
    • Development and application of of new tracer compounds
    • A quantitative understanding of the transport and co-transport of organic and inorganic pollutants with colloids such as bacteria, clay, and microplastics, with focus on ionexchange. 
    • Source tracking of contaminants using colloids and organic micropollutants
    • Recycling of critical elements by sorption, precipitation, and co-precipitation from various fluids (e.g. sewer and hydrothermal water)

    Research projects

    Hydrogeology/aquatic geochemistry

    • Co-Transport of organic cations on clay minerals (DFG) 
    • Crystallization of phosphorus minerals from wastewater by calcium silicate hydrates – Impact of dissolved organic compounds (CryPhos)
    • Development and application of non-pathogens and extracellular DNA for predicting transport and attenuation of pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes in groundwater (PrePaT)
    • Mobility of microplastics and porous media
    • Recovery of Li and REE from hydrothermal systems