Physikalische Grundlagen der IT-Sicherheit

Abgeschlossene Arbeiten im Team


Realizing an optical delay line memory for quantum computing with single photons in the telecom c-band
Bachelor Thesis by Tobias Martens

Optical pumping of Zeeman sublevels in a cesium vapor cell
Bachelor Thesis by Florian Günter

Time-Dependent Investigation of Optical Zeeman-Level Pumping in Cesium Vapor Cells
Bachelor Thesis by David Becker

Laser-Threshold Magnetometry using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond
Master Thesis by Jonas Wollenberg (extern with T. Schröder, HU Berlin)

Integrierte photonische Ringresonatoren zur Temperaturbestimmung
Master Thesis by Daniel Schmid (extern with M. Bernien, PTB Berlin)


Optical Convolutional Neural Network with Atomic Nonlinearity
Master Thesis by Mingwei Yang

Multi-cell quantum memory
Master Thesis by Leon Meßner

Gesture Recognition with Event Camera Data using an Optical Convolutional Neural Network
Bachelor Thesis by Micha Eißler

Investigation of Optical Pumping and Spin Life-time in Cesium Vapor Cells
Bachelor Thesis by Jinglan Wu


FPGA-Based Laser Frequency Stabilization
Bachelor Thesis by Alexander Erl