Mathematik, Arbeitsrichtung Modellierung, Simulation und Optimierung realer Prozesse


2024Operator inference for opinion modelling of medical papers (MSc)
2023Comparison of Compartment Models and their Application to Covid-19 Disease (MSc)
 Numerical simulation of the fluid mechanical sewing machine (MSc)
 Introduction into Koopman operator theory (BSc)
2022Physics informed neural networks for PDE constrained optimization - theory and numerics (MSc)
 Approximations of the Mortensen observer using higher order extended Kalman filters (MSc)
 Ermittlung eines Versorgungsindex im deutschen Gesundheitswesen und optimale Standortplanung für Beratungsangebote (MSc)
 An abstract control point of view on measure valued optimal control for parabolic problems (MSc)
 Structure-preserving control of port-Hamiltonian systems (MSc)
 Analysis of bilinear optimal control problems on the basis of the Fokker-Planck equation (MSc)
 An introduction to model reduction via linear quadratic Gaussian balanced truncation (BSc)
2021Augmented mechanical design optimization of turbine blades with the help of a machine learning surrogate model (MSc)
 Lp-optimal control for linear finite dimensional control systems (BSc)
 Trajectory tracking by model predictive control with applications to robot manipulators (BSc)
2020Value function approximations for nonlinear finite-horizon optimal control problems (MSc)