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European Navigation Conference (ENC2023)

The European Navigation Conference #ENC23 is over. In Noordwijk, Netherlands, the participants were proposing new ways to navigate. This year, the conference was started with a speech of Mark Harbers, minister of infrastructure and water management of Netherlands. He stressed out the need to increase resilience against jamming and spoofing, which is the intentional blocking or alteration of GNSS signals which can lead to wrong position, navigation and timing (PNT), which is critical to 14 out of 16 critical infrastructure sectors.

# Prof. Uijt de Haag held one of the closing keynote sessions and pointed out the importance of using multiple sensor sources for PNT to avoid a single point of failure in the system. He showed our chair’s structure of sensor integration within the ROS2 environment, which we use to perform flight tests and evaluate alternative means of navigation.

# Within a paper presentation, Jannik Heinze presented his Bachelor’s thesis on multi-objective optimal trajectory planning, where a UAV’s flight path is not only optimized for energy consumption but also for airspace restrictions, rules of the air and population density, minimizing risk to the population.

# Our PhD student Mats Martens tied in with the subject matter of alternative navigation and presented a paper on optimal geometry selection of UAV swarms that perform ranging between its members. Here, a few members are place in good GNSS conditions, e.g. above buildings, while low flying UAVs conduct a mission in GNSS denied environments. Through the ranging geometry, also the low flying UAVs position can be derived.