Experimentelle Strömungsmechanik

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Garan, N.; Dybe, S.; Paschereit, C. O.; Djordjevic, N.
Consistent emission correction factors applicable to novel energy carriers and conversion concepts
Fuel, 341 :9
Juni 2023
Bergua, R.; Robertson, A.; Jonkman, J.; Branlard, E.; Fontanella, A.; Belloli, M.; Schito, P.; Zasso, A.; Persico, G.; Sanvito, A.; Amet, E.; Brun, C.; Campaña-Alonso, G.; Martín-San-Román, R.; Cai, R.; Cai, J.; Qian, Q.; Maoshi, W.; Beardsell, A.; Pirrung, G.; Ramos-García, N.; Shi, W.; Fu, J.; Corniglion, R.; Lovera, A.; Galván, J.; Nygaard, T.; Renan dos Santos, C.; Gilbert, P.; Joulin, P.-A.; Blondel, F.; Frickel, E.; Chen, P.; Hu, Z.; Boisard, R.; Yilmazlar, K.; Croce, A.; Harnois, V.; Zhang, L.; Li, Y.; Aristondo, A.; Alonso, I.; Mancini, S.; Boorsma, K.; Savenije, F.; Marten, D.; Soto-Valle, R.; Schulz, C.; Netzband, S.; Bianchini, A.; Papi, F.; Cioni, S.; Trubat, P.; Alarcon, D.; Molins, C.; Cormier, M.; Brüker, K.; Lutz, T.; Xiao, Q.; Deng, Z.; Haudin, F.; Goveas, A.
OC6 project Phase III: validation of the aerodynamic loading on a wind turbine rotor undergoing large motion caused by a floating support structure
Wind Energy Science, 8 :465 - 485
April 2023
Humbert, S.; Orchini, A.; Paschereit, C. O.; Noiray, N.
Symmetry breaking in an experimental annular combustor model with deterministic electroacoustic feedback and stochastic forcing
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 145 :11
März 2023
Humbert, S.; Moeck, J. P.; Paschereit, C. O.; Orchini, A.
Symmetry breaking in thermoacoustics: Theory and experimental validation on an annular system with electroacoustic feedback
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 548
März 2023
Bartholomay, S.; Krumbein, S.; Soto-Valle, R.; Nayeri, C. N.; Paschereit, C. O.; Oberleithner, K.
Experimental assessment of a blended fatigue-extreme controller employing trailing edge flaps
Wind Energy, 26 :201 - 227
Februar 2023
ISSN: 10954244
Greenblatt, D.; Müller-Vahl, H.; Strangfeld, C.
Laminar separation bubble bursting in a surging stream
Phys. Rev. Fluids, 8 :L012102
Januar 2023
Herausgeber: American Physical Society


Bach, E.; Paschereit, C. O.; Stathopoulos, P.; Bohon, M.
Advancement of empirical model for predicting stagnation pressure gain in RDCs
AIAA SciTech Forum
Herausgeber: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Conference Series Edition
Dezember 2022
Nayeri, C. N.; Schmidt, H.-J.
Platooning and base flaps for drag reduction of trucks
International Journal of Automotive Technology, 23 :1673 - 1680
Dezember 2022
Herausgeber: Korean Society of Automotive Engineers
ISSN: 12299138
Vinkeloe, J.; Zander, L.; Djordjevic, N.
Autoignition of DME/DMM Fuel Blends: Part II Reaction Wave propagation modes in the presence of temperature gradients
ACS, Energy Fuels, 36 :15120 - 15133
November 2022
von Saldern, J.; Reumschüssel, M.; Kaiser, T.; Sieber, M.; Oberleithner, K.
Mean flow data assimilation based on physics-informed neural networks
Physics of Fluids, 34 :17
November 2022
Herausgeber: AIP Publishing

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