Centre for Entrepreneurship

Fachgebiet für Entrepreneurship und Innovationmanagement

Leitung, Honorar- und Gastprofessor*innen


Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer

Head of Department for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Founder/Academic Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE)

Research: Human side of sustainable innovation / Research analytics

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Gunter Festel

Honorary Professor for Hightech & Life Science Entrepreneurship

Research: Early-stage Investments, Founding Angels, Corporate Spin-offs

Administrativer Bereich

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Anne Bamberg

Project Associate and Team Assistant

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- Personalangelegenheiten

Wiss. Mitarbeiter*innen und Doktoranden

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Dr. Karina Cagarman

Lecturer: "Design your Happy Life" / "Design Thinking for Smart Living & Health"

Research: Entrepreneurial Well-Being and Mental Health

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Paul Wolf

Doctoral Candidate

Project Coordinator: ISI4Egypt (funded by DAAD)

Research: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy

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Nora Kempmann

Project Coordinator

"Deepening of Entrepreneurial Skills@Green Chemistry" (funded by Stifterverband)

"Micro Entrepreneurship Exchange and Dialogue with Pakistan" (MEED) (funded by DAAD)

Erasmus+ (for the IMES study programme)

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Nicolas Noak

Doctoral Candidate

Lecture: Venture Campus

Research: Geographic, Sustainable and Psychological Dynamics in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

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Rozaliia Pait

Doctoral Candidate

Project Coordinator: Enhance

Lecturer: Venture Campus

Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Women, Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Dvelopment Goals

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Dr. Lubna Rashid

Post-Doctoral Scholarship Holder

Lecturer: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Challenging Global Contexts

Research: Entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in response to grand societal challenges; health, biology and entrepreneurship

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Charleen von Kolpinski

Doctoral Candidate

Projektkoordinator: CCC

Research: Social Side of a Sustainable Circular Economy

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Ines Wolf

Doctoral Candidate

Programm Coordinator: IMES Double Degree

Lecturer: Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Research: Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Value Creation

Externe Doktorand*innen

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Korapin Jirapong

Scholarship Holder / Doctoral Candidate Can

Research: Co-creation in Social Entrepreneurship

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Marc Karahan

External Doctoral Candidate

Research: Sustainability-driven Academic Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation & Technology Transfer

Anastasia Mashtakova

External Doctoral Candidate

Research: Impacts of M&A Deals on Aspects of Entrepreneurship, Collaborations between SMEs and Start-Ups

Andrés Olarte

External Doctoral Candidate

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Anastasia Patsouri

External Doctoral Candidate

Research: The Impact of Startups on Economy, Society, Culture and Geography of cities

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Ghulam Raza

Scholarshop Holder / External Doctoral Candidate

Research: Agricultural Entrepreneurship- Challenges and Opportunities in the Himalayas of Pakistan

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Tomasz Waliczko

External Doctoral Candidate

Research: International Entrepreneurship, International Relationships, SDG implementation, E-commerce

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Malte Hager

Doctoral Candidate

Research: Organizational Strategies for Circular Economy

Studentische Hilfskräfte

Eric Contreras

IMES Study Consultation

Contact person: "Design Your Happy Life" and "Design Thinking for Smart Living & Health"

Gastdozent*innen und -Forscher*innen

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Dr. Derik Evertz

Teaching "Crisis Management Meets Consulting" & "Management of Corporate Crisis"

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Dr. Yashar Mansoori

Research: Blockchain Strategist, Business Advisor, Startup Mentor, Entrepreneurship

Ehemalige Mitarbeiter*innen

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mrozewski
Prof. Dr. Steffen Herm
Prof. Dr. Maren Borkert
Prof. Dr. Susanne Perner
Dr. Laura von Arnim
Dr. Oguz Alyanak
Dr. Natalia Strobel
Dr. Daphne Hering
Dr. Viktoriia Potishuk
Dr. Ingo Michelfelder
Dr. Henrike Weber
Dr. Maura Kessel
Dr. Marvin Kant
Joy Leeuw
Julian Alexandrakis
Evelyn Baakes
Peter Cassiers