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    Launch of our European consortial project RESILIENT

    Thrilled to launch our European consortial project RESILIENT last week!

    Goal: managing uncertainty in large-scale energy system optimisations, particularly in the area of industry transformation, hydrogen availability, carbon management, biomass potentials, e-imports, network delays and extreme events.

    Concretely we will be putting stochastic optimisation into our open modelling framework PyPSA and applying it in several case studies for our open Europe sector-coupled model PyPSA-Eur.

    Target users: researchers, industry, TSOs, energy planners, NGOs.

    Project partners: TU Berlin, Chalmers, Fraunhofer ISI, LUT, Uni Pisa; ABB, EDF, IN4climate.NRW, Stockholm Exergi, TransnetBW.

    Funding: Clean Energy Transition (CET) Partnership:

    More on the project website:

    Fabian Neumann, Iegor Riepin, Bobby Xiong, Markus Millinger, Christian Breyer, Dmitrii Bogdanov, Davide Fioriti, Antonio Frangioni, Tobias Fleiter, Marius Neuwirth, Sandrine Charousset-Brignol, rodolphe griset, Annika Bäcker, Iris Rieth-Menze, Ali Tash, Paul Zelle, Dr.-Ing. Ninghong Sun