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Project laboratories for socially and ecologically beneficial thinking and action were first established as a student initiative in 1985. These student-organized projects allow students from any university, degree semester, or study program to come together and

learn, teach, or research topics of their choosing without professors or academic staff while also earning credit points. Students who are interested in not only participating in a project laboratory but also starting one themselves are hired as project tutors and receive expert guidance from a university professor as well as the ZEWK/kubus science shop.

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“If only I had known that from the start!” :'(

If you are interested in implementing your own project idea, teaching and learning with other students autonomously, contributing to sustainable development, and being employed at TU Berlin all at the same time, you’re in the right place! We are currently accepting proposals for project laboratories. Please submit your proposal or reach out to us with your idea by 8 May 2024. :)

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Project laboratories - Technische Universität Berlin

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