Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

The Cooperation and Advisory Office for Environmental Issues

Established in 1986, the kubus science shop (Cooperation and Advisory Office for Environmental Issues) is a service unit at TU Berlin and part of the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK). We work in all areas of environmental protection and sustainable development to find solutions to ecological and social future challenges.

kubus is a university science shop and serves as a bridge between the University and society. It fosters civic engagement, sustainable entrepreneurship, and other activities to protect our planet at different levels. To this end, we facilitate cooperation between TU Berlin researchers and students and non-University institutions. This also includes initiating and providing support for projects, events, and networks.

In addition to regional collaboration with NGOs, official authorities, and companies in Berlin and Brandenburg, we also work with international projects which focus on regional development. kubus’ work is inter and transdisciplinary and pursues exchange between science and praxis on an equal footing. kubus is also a member of the Living Knowledge science shop network.

Our principles of action

To ensure everyone around the globe has a future worth living, solutions to social and ecological issues at regional and local as well as global level need to be developed. There is no single initiative to achieve this and we need to pursue a wide range of efforts with very different approaches. As such, kubus relies on cooperation between various stakeholders and supports initiatives which prioritize protecting a liveable world.

As part of the University, kubus views itself as a place to form professional and socio-political opinions. Innovative ideas as well as the methods and techniques used to implement them are developed here. Universities possess a unique social responsibility to pursue future issues in their research and teaching and contribute to solving these. kubus plays a key role in ensuring Technische Universität Berlin fulfills this role holistically.

kubus aims to bring social processes into the University and foster dialog and collaboration with non-university partners. It especially supports TU Berlin’s integration into the region. kubus aims to create a University structure that makes research and teaching available to a number of people.

The activities of kubus are primarily aimed at those social groups that may have difficulty gaining access to Technische Universität Berlin. This primarily includes community initiatives, environmental associations, NGOs or municipal organizations, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and their professional associations.

kubus’ work is dedicated to capacity building - providing those affected with the tools to help themselves. It initiates and participates in model and innovative projects with the aim of creating cooperation and networks between non-university partners and university institutions. kubus is interdisciplinary and strives for mutual, equitable learning and the combination of theory and practice. This way of working is intended to contribute to the development of viable solutions.