Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Sustainable Development

Ecological urban development & megacities

A flock of sheep between residential buildings in Dar es Salaam, raised vegetable beds on a rooftop terrace in New York, certified organic vegetables from the region for a hotel chain in Casablanca, a school garden with a constructed wetland - these are all real examples of urban agriculture.

How can urban agriculture contribute to eradicating poverty in megacities? Is it a future model for keeping green spaces open in urban and peri-urban areas? What kind of impact does urban agriculture have on climate protection?

These questions and more are explored in the inter and transdisciplinary research project "urbane Wachstumszentren: Urbane Landwirtschaft als integrierter Faktor einer klimaoptimierten Stadtentwicklung, Casablanca."

Within the project, kubus worked on

  • Integrating civil society
  • Capacity building
  • Informal settlements (including school gardens)
  • It also provided moderation as well as
  • Support with budget planning

Further information is available in the project list, on the project homepage Urban Agriculture Casablanca, as well as in related publications.
This area of focus is headed by Gisela Prystav.
Project management: Dr. Frank Helten, Andrea Rau, Dr. Jörg Longmuß (fhochx)