Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Dialog Formats

Kubus develops and plans tailored dialog formats for exchange between civil society and science based on large-group formats such as world cafés, open spaces, fishbowls, and future conferences. These include science dinners and the event “Sind wir noch zu retten? – Was können Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft gemeinsam zum Gesellschaftswandel beitragen? oder Über die Kunst, auf Umwegen schneller ans Ziel zu gelangen als auf direktem Wege.”

Project management

Kubus initiates and supports cooperative projects. In addition to finding experts from TU Berlin and partners from practice, this includes providing project management that is tailored to the issue and cooperative partners. In this context, kubus' work includes searching for suitable funding bodies and programs; developing project outlines and applications; searching for partners; developing management and network structures; project communication, especially between civil society organizations and scientists and various disciplines; moderation; budget planning and support with administrative issues.

We have extensive experience with various funding bodies (BMBF, EU, EFRE, ESF, foundations) at regional, national and international level.

An overview of past and current projects can be found in the project list. Project results and findings can be found in related publications.