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Writing and Presenting

There are still places available in the Schreib(r)auszeit! programme.

Writing and presenting are essential core skills of everyday academic work. The many courses we offer seek to help you master both these skills, increase your motivation and confidence as well as provide you with practical tools to communicate more effectively with your target groups.

Our courses are aimed at all junior scholars, researchers and doctoral students at TU Berlin as well as the other institutions within the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). Courses in writing and presenting can, by agreement, also be counted towards the Science Communication certification program.


Writing helps ensure your reputation! - Anyone working in science is aware of the truth of this statement.

The good news is: Writing is a skill that can be learned like any other. Practice helps you refine your writing and create more scope for action, while the effort required to increase productivity becomes less as the skills involved become more routine.

Our writing courses focus on different aspects of writing, for example logical argumentation, academic writing or journalism. They also take account of the different phases of writing and the skills involved in each of these phases: starting with effective reading and dealing with literature, conceptualizing and structuring ideas and texts, getting down to writing, revising texts and overcoming writer’s block and inertia.

Lengthy and extensive writing projects, such as dissertations, require a lot of stamina. Regular routines and the feeling of not being alone can help provide the staying power you need. Our regular JustWrite! sessions are designed to keep you going on longer projects. And if you need additional inspiration, then you can also take advantage of our advising service for writing.

Writing courses

50/10: JustWrite!


JustWrite! offers the chance to focus intensively and take a big step forward with your writing projects.

Sessions operate as follows:

  • 5 minutes to arrive and settle
  • 50 minutes’ intensive writing
  • 10-minute break
  • 50 minutes’ intensive writing
  • 5 minutes to relax at the end

The better you prepare for these intensive writing sessions, the more productive they will be. Having all the working materials you need ready, setting small goals in advance and preventing possible disruptions in your own working environment is the best way to proceed.

Dates and registration

Just Write! Seeks to help you develop writing routines. A manageable framework and fixed routines make it easier to achieve goals, especially if the road is a long and difficult one. We offer regular writing sessions to help you achieve your goals. These include:

  • an intensive writing week supervised by us with daily writing sessions at the beginning of the month,
  • writing sessions every other Monday supervised by us,
  • writing sessions on all other days (unsupervised).
  • Sessions are always from 9 - 11:00 (though we usually carry on until 12:00).

It is possible to join these open groups at any time. Please register before first attending by email at

Participation is via this Webex link!



//Public speaking means proving oneself, revealing something about oneself. Even in the case of purely scientific content...

  • self-presentation and stage fright
  • voice
  • personal content and work in a collegiate
  • scientific environment
  • skilfully representing a specialist audience
  • basic courses and advanced courses from the Science Communication certificate program
  • women's courses in the Frauen unter sich program

Presenting courses

Contact and advising

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