Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Science Communication - Presenting, Communicating, and Publishing Your Findings

Science communication puts the public in touch with research

  • How can I as a researcher make the public aware of my work?
  • How can I present my research in a way that is comprehensible, clear and interesting?
  • What aspects of my work are interesting for the media and non-specialist target groups?
  • How can I best achieve my communication goals?

Science communication builds a bridge between research and society. It helps raise the profiles of researchers among relevant groups such as funding organizations, experts, and multipliers, and plays an increasingly important role in the success of research proposals as well as the careers of researchers. 

Courses and workshops

20 to 25 courses per semester form the core of this continuing education program. In our courses, researchers learn how to

  • present their research findings to a wider public,
  • involve different groups in the research process and
  • contribute their expertise to public discussions.

Many changes are now taking place in the area of communication including new formats, new channels, and new areas of focus. To keep up with these developments, we work together with trainers who are actively involved in the development of their own areas of training and who have the experience and strategic vision to provide a solid basis for success.

Our courses are for all (junior) researchers and doctoral researchers at TU Berlin as well as the other member institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).

Science communication certificate program

Science communication certificate program

Our certificate program shows (junior) researchers how to present their work to non-experts in a concise and understandable way. You will be presented with a comprehensive overview of the methods and instruments of science communication, including public relations and media work, presentations, and creating a podcast, to enable you to develop your own communication concept. Equipped with these skills and knowledge, you will then be able to choose the right strategies for your later research projects and professional development.

Course selection in the program is flexible. The program begins with the communication concept, which is the cornerstone of the program and the basis for developing a systematic approach to science communication. This is followed by general courses focusing on topics such as public and media relations, legal basics, and social media. You then complete the program according to your individual interests, needs and skills. The final practical project is your chance to put what you have learned into practice in your own research.

The program consists of 200 work units of 45 minutes each and can be counted towards the certificate in science marketing and the master's in Science Marketing offered by TUBS.

Presentation of the certificate program on 10.10.2023 (online): Please register here!

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Overview of the program



Guidelines for the Certification Program


Certificate Science Communication | Kick-off

Let's go! With a clear concept into science communication16./17.01.23Kick-Off
Let's go! With a clear concept into science communication23./24.10.23Kick-Off
Auf gehts! Mit klarem Konzept in die Wissenschaftskommunikation29./30.11.23Kick-Off

Certificate Science Communication | Basics

Excellent international presentations in science23./29.11.23Presentation (Basic)
Scientific Writing08./09./10./11.01.24Write (Basic)
Wie verfasse ich eine Pressemitteilung22.01.24Write (Basic)
Design basics in science communication - Effectively visualise and present your academic contents25./26.01.24Design (Basic)
Souverän vor (Web-)Kamera und Mikrofon01.03.24Presentation (Basic)
Wissenschaftliches Schreiben für Promovierende06./07.03.24Write (Basic)
Wissenschaftliches Schreiben für Promovierende01.03.24Presentation (Basic)
TYPO3 (nur für TU Berlin Angehörige)versch. TermineDesign (Basic)
InDesign (nur für TU Berlin Angehörige)versch. TermineDesign (Basic)

Certificate Science Communication | Cross disciplinary topics

Der Forscher als Marke – Selbstmarketing für Wissenschaftler*innen15./16.01.24Cross disciplinary
Kommunikationsstrategien der Wissenschaftskommunikation - Vertiefung22.02.24Cross disciplinary
Social Media für Wissenschaftler*innen11./12.03.24Cross disciplinary

Certificate Science Communication |Specialization

Boost your publication profil04.12.23Write (Advanced)
Studientag, Science Slam, TED und Co. - Vorträge spannend und unterhaltsam gestalten10./17./24.01.24Presentation (Advanced)
Slidewriting: Optimize your slides31.01./01.02.24Design (Advanced)
TYPO3 (nur für TU Berlin Angehörige)versch. TermineGestalten (Vertiefung)
InDesign (nur für TU Berlin Angehörige)versch. TermineGestalten (Vertiefung)

#WissKomm202X - Accompanying event for the certificate program

Results of the ZEWK Science Communication certificate program at TU Berlin

Each year, graduates of the program present the findings of their practical projects in an entertaining, exciting, and informative way.
Anyone interested in gaining an insight into these exciting projects or looking for inspiration and the chance to network is very welcome to attend.

Next date: 09 March 2023 from 15-16 h (online). This time including: the Asian mortar bee, arteries with plaque and neural networks. More information and registration link coming soon.