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In 2016, the TU Berlin Executive Board decided to have a program developed for newly appointed professors that is specifically tailored to the special challenges you face as a target group.

In close cooperation between the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK) and the Human Resources Development and Continuing Education (PE-WB), the program has been developed.

Neuberufen@TUB | Professionell lehren, forschen, führen! which we would like to present to you.

After a welcome workshop and the possibility of personal introductory talks, the program starts with a basic module on the topics of teaching - research - leadership, which will give you an insight into the teaching/learning, research and leadership culture of the TU Berlin in a condensed form.

Depending on your interests, you can then choose from a whole range of courses. In addition, experienced external coaches are available to assist you in this program.



On 06.06.2023 the welcome workshop will take place at ZEWK in room FH 1004.

Professionally TEACHING

Teaching means shaping a life, your own and that of many many students. It is precious and it would be a shame to feel the opportunity has been wasted rather than be able to enjoy the benefits.
In our program for newly appointed professors, we want to examine relevant aspects of teaching and learning together with you. We invite you to join in facilitated exchange with your peers and competently help you professionalize your teaching based on your individual needs.

The program is supplemented with coaching offers, voice and camera training, and team facilitation.

During our regular Lunch Lecture, you also have the opportunity to speak with colleagues in an informal environment about innovative approaches to teaching and learning at TU Berlin.

Professionally RESEARCHING

Research is both a passion and a challenge.
As a newly appointed professor, you are responsible for further advancing your institute’s research. You lay the foundation for innovation, secure the necessary resources, and shape social dialog about your research.
We invite you to take advantage of our course offers in this area.
Strengthen your competences to skillfully and confidently manage all stages of the research cycle: How do I acquire research funding and write successful project proposals? How do I manage and lead complex research projects? How can I implement principles of good scientific practice in my research and work processes? What do I need to know about research data management? How can I effectively communicate my research to the (inter)national research community and society?
We look forward to welcoming you to our “Lounge for successful research!”

Professionally LEADING

Were you recently appointed to TU Berlin? Are you responsible for schedules, budgets, and personnel? Perhaps organizing collaboration and achieving aims together are now a part of your everyday work.  We can assist you in all these areas!

The aim of this program focus is to optimally support you in your leadership position as a newly appointed professor with assuming (new) tasks and the responsibility these come with:

developing or improving leadership skills, confidence and clarity in your leadership position, concrete strategies for action for everyday work.

Further information and registration

Holding annual staff-management reviews

As a new professor, you face the challenge of finding your way in an unfamiliar organization. Frequently this initial period is coupled with forming a team. Perhaps colleagues from your previous position have joined you or you’ve hired new staff or gained existing staff in your new unit.

To ensure successful collaboration and transparent expectations of one another, we encourage you to make use of annual staff-management one-on-ones. As a manager, you reflect on what you require for effective collaboration and discuss this with your staff. We have compiled guidelines with ideas for these annual one-on-ones and offer a short digital workshop twice a year to learn about and test this instrument. Your staff also have the opportunity twice every year to attend a training and learn about our guidelines for academic staff.

Use this opportunity to create a solid foundation for team collaboration right from the start and register for the next workshop on 11.05.2023! We are happy to answer any questions and discuss your needs in the meantime.

flexwork – Flexible work culture

As a newly appointed professor, you face many challenges. Managing mobile teams may be one of them.

Our three-part package, Leadership@flexwork, helps you to motivate and keep your team together, whether you are working in person, digitally, or in hybrid format. Each package component can be booked individually.

In the two-hour workshop Part I – Hybrid Management – Tools and Methods Compact you will gain inspiration for different forms of digital teamwork, reflect on the challenges of remote-working teams, and learn recommendations for action to better overcome these.

Part II – Power Impulse for Networking offers you the possibility to network and talk with others about leading and managing staff within the context of a flexible work culture.

In Part III – Hybrid Team – Shaping Collaboration you work with your team to agree on framework conditions for collaboration, reflect on and discuss each individual’s wishes, concerns, and personal approach, and strengthen coordination and trust within the group.

Coaching offers

During a briefing, you can present your issue and discuss the organizational framework conditions. You choose an external coach from our pool based on your specific needs. After we have contracted the coach, you will arrange the coaching dates and location with them. Generally, you can make use of 3 to 5 sessions lasting 60 minutes.

TU Berlin assumes the costs.


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