Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Mental Health and Self Management

Mental health is the foundation of your ability to perform and innovate. Particularly in the challenging field of research and academia, it is essential that you understand and take care of your mental health.

In this area of focus, ZEWK’s Scientific Continuing Education provides participants with offers to learn strategies for managing

  • health
  • resilience
  • and stress,

to help maintain and develop healthy habits for work and life in general.

Self management is the ability to efficiently pursue your projects and set and achieve goals regardless of external factors and without losing your motivation. Learning how to use different techniques and methods to solve problems and overcome challenges is key to successful self management.

In our courses you can expand your skills and further learn about methods to confidently tackle upcoming tasks. Learn and apply techniques from management, personal leadership and psychology to make the most of planning, organization, motivation and goal setting.

Our courses are aimed at all junior scholars, researchers and doctoral students at TU Berlin as well as the other institutions within the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).

Course offerings Mental Health and Self Management

Tracking obstacles together12./13.09.23Working techniques for science
Speed reading in STEM sciences26./27.09.23Working techniques for science
De-stress your PhD with mindfulness03.11.23Mental Health
Aufgaben entschlossen anpacken09./10.11.23Self Management
Deep Reading digital – Effizienter lesen am Bildschirm!27./28.11.23Working techniques for science
Never talk about the weather! How to be more interesting and to steer smalltalk like a pro06.12.23Self Management
Frauen unter sich: Selbstbewusst und sichtbar als Doktorandin16./24.01.24Self Management
Speed reading in STEM sciences26.02./06.03./22.03.24Working techniques for science