Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Leadership Certificate for Junior Research Group Leaders and Junior Professors

Research is teamwork; knowledge gain and progress are only possible through exchange with others. In this series, you learn how to effective and respectfully shape collaboration with others, develop your communication skills, and assume and fulfill leadership positions.

The university system requires significant flexibility from leaders, as they both have a great deal of autonomy and are integrated into cooperative structures. You can learn how to confidently and competently lead in this area of tension. In this two-stage program, (junior) professors and junior research group leaders acquire fundamental leadership skills and professionalize their leadership style.


The certification program helps junior professors and junior research group leaders who are assuming leadership responsibilities for the first time to professionalize their leadership style. Participants learn about the unique demands and requirements of leaders in research and universities in particular and reflect on their own experiences and expectations of leaders. You learn methods to achieve effective and structured collaboration and fulfill your leadership role consciously. 

Together with others you will discuss the limits and possibilities of your leadership behavior using examples and apply what you have learned in interactive exercises. You will also receive tips for communicating with people on different hierarchical levels and learn how to maintain your health and ability to perform.

The program enables you to expand your social and leadership competences.


You can complete the Leadership Certificate in two stages. The basic certificate comprises a kick-off workshop and three foundational modules. The complete certificate includes the basic certificate and at least two courses from at least two out of the five possible specialization areas, the final workshop, guided self-reflection phases, and coaching.

The specialization areas encompass courses and workshops from ZEWK’s regular offerings, such as from the areas work and management techniques or project and research management as well as newly designed workshops on delegating tasks and hybrid work for managers. You can also attend standard courses, e.g. on self and time management, and have these counted towards the certificate. In some cases, it is possible to earn credit for seminars offered by Staff Development/Continuing Education at TU Berlin or equivalent programs from the Berlin University Alliance’s continuing education units. If you have taken seminars offered by these units, please speak to us about having your certificates recognized and counted towards the Leadership Certificate!

We recommend completing the program in the designated order, as courses complement and build on one another. If, for example, you are unable to take Foundational Module III, you can still attend courses from the “Leadership instruments” specialization area. If you wish to acquire the certificate, you can take the foundational module the next time it is offered.

In addition to our courses, participants can also take part in coaching upon request. During the coaching sessions, you have the opportunity to discuss your own specific issues questions with a trained coach. Members of TU Berlin can have the costs reimbursed upon request.

Our program also teaches you methods to find solutions through self organization; one example of this is peer counseling. Participants are invited to contribute their own current issues and questions to the course. All contributions are confidential.

To acquire the complete Leadership Certificate, you must complete 100 work units (45 minutes each), including the kick-off, final workshop, reflection phases, and optional coaching. To acquire the basic certificate, you must complete 45 work units.


Dates and registration

Please register for the kick-off workshop, foundational modules, and final workshop via TU Berlin’s event management system.

Below you will find all course dates for winter semester 2023/24:



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