Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Collaboration and Leadership

Research is teamwork; knowledge gain and progress are only possible through exchange with others.

In our courses, you learn how to

  • Effectively collaborate with others and make sure all team members’ voices are heard
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Prepare for a leadership position

Current courses on Collaboration and Leadership

Our courses are targeted towards all (junior) scholars and doctoral candidates both at TU Berlin and the universities in the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).


Collaboration can inspire us, spur our productivity and creativity, and even increase our satisfaction. However these positive effects aren’t effortless. They require that we effectively and respectfully communicate with empathy. To achieve this, we must accept our respective differences and constructively negotiate how we can best combine different perspectives, approaches and, in particular, our strengths. 

In our courses you can expand your knowhow and develop your skills to

  • Shape or moderate collaboration in different contexts through good communication (e.g. digital, interdisciplinary, interinstitutional, intercultural, conflicts) or
  • Engage in dialog with a more relaxed approach (e.g. in small talk) or
  • Stand up for yourself (e.g. by being quick-witted or by giving a clear "no")

Leadership refers to an attitude in which a person demonstrates his or her own values and convictions through his or her actions. Especially in contexts that produce visionary research, rousing teaching and disruptive innovations, leadership is an elementary success factor because it fosters change and strives to leave old paths behind once in a while.

The university system also demands a great deal of flexibility from leaders, as they work autonomously on the one hand, but at the same time are integrated into collegial structures. You learn to move confidently and self-assuredly as a manager in this area of tension.

Tools and methods from management form the basis of your leadership actions, enabling you to make abstract decisions, plan processes and set up structures.

You expand your competence repertoire to include communication and methodological competencies as well as competencies that promote cooperation with others. You lead by example and inspire enthusiasm for common goals in others through your actions and communication.

Course offerings Collaboration and Leadership

Contact for Collaboration

© Mike Henning

Stefanie Giljohann

Head of section: Work and Management Techniques, Science Communication


Contact for Leadership/Management

Nicole Torjus © Mike Henning

Dr. Nicole Torjus

Program manager Graduate Studies Support at the Berlin University Alliance
Part-time women’s representative


Leadership Certificate for junior research group leaders and junior professors

The certification program helps junior professors and junior research group leaders who are assuming leadership responsibilities for the first time to professionalize their leadership style. Participants learn about the unique demands and requirements placed on leaders in research and universities in particular and reflect on their own experiences and expectations of leadership behavior. You learn methods to effectively structure and shape collaboration and fulfill your leadership role consciously. 

Together with others you will discuss the limits and possibilities of your leadership behavior using examples and apply what you have learned in interactive exercises. You will also receive tips for communicating with people on different hierarchical levels and learn how to maintain your health and ability to perform. 

Details about the Leadership Certificate

Program overview

KickoffReflecting on previous experiences with your own leaders, developing your own understanding of leadership8 Work units
FoundationTopics: Organizational framework conditions, leading teams, tools and methods40 Work units
ConclusionReflecting on the certificate contents and identifying fields for development6 Work units
SpecializationTopics: Self-leadership, communication, conflict management, etc.At least 2 courses from 2 different topic areas


As a rule, courses are open to anyone. However, the compulsory courses in the certification program are only open to (junior) professors and junior research group leaders. These are marked as “Basismodul” (foundational module) and also include the kickoff and final workshop.

Contact for Leadership Certificate

Nicole Torjus © Mike Henning

Dr. Nicole Torjus

Program manager Graduate Studies Support at the Berlin University Alliance
Part-time women’s representative


Resource-oriented leadership for professors

Through its flagship program “Strengthening strengths - Resource-oriented leadership,” TU Berlin enables professors in the Berlin University Alliance to work with with high-ranking and internationally renowned trainers to identify and use their team’s resources. Participants learn how to use their own strengths to overcome challenges in everyday leadership and identify and effectively use their team members’ strengths in joint work.

Program content and structure

The flagship program, which is run twice a year, encompasses a two-day workshop in Ziethen, a half-day follow-up, and optional individual coaching.

Experts from the fields of positive psychology and leadership conduct the workshops. Internationalization, cooperative research, remote working and teaching - leadership is becoming increasingly complex. In the workshops, you will learn to

  • Identify your strengths
  • Integrate your strengths into your leadership style
  • Activate your resources
  • Maintain and increase your ability to perform

In a safe space, participants learn how to use the resources and strengths of their team to successfully address joint issues and achieve set goals.

Participation and registration

The program is open to all professors in the Berlin University Alliance. Places are awarded on a first come first served basis with consideration for equal representation among genders and the institutions. A total of 8 places are available, two for each BUA institution.

Please register by sending an email to: nicole.torjus(at)

The registration deadline for the workshop in May/June 2023 is 18.04.2023

To participate in the workshop in November 2023, please register by 26.09.2023.

2023 Dates

The two-day retreat in Hotel Schloss Ziethen takes place on the following dates:

31.05. to 02.06.2023 and 08.11. to 10.11.2023

Please arrive by 16:00 on 31.05.2023/08.11.2023 so that we can start with a one-hour introduction around 17:30 before dinner. The program ends on 02.06.2023/10.11.2023 around 17:00.

The dates for the half-day follow-up will soon be posted.


flexwork: Digital and hybrid leadership

Digital and hybrid leadership – a challenge?

Many managers find it challenging to lead and motivate a remote team as well as maintain team spirit.
Our understanding of management and leadership is changing, raising questions about how we organize work, communicate, and manage staff.

  • What types of communication do I use? When, how, and where can I contact my team?
  • How can I support my staff? What are my employees working on currently?
  • How can I meet the different needs of my employees? How can I ensure transparency and trust within the team?

Many departments and teams have developed a mix of working on campus, digitally, and in hybrid format.
What originally resulted from an emergency situation has now developed into standard everyday practice and has been established in various University and staff council agreements.

How does this impact you?
What worked well? What can you build on? And where do you require assistance?

Offers from Team flexwork