Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Sustainable Resource Management

Re-use and continued use

With a view to the scarcity of resources and climate catastrophe, kubus initiates and supports networks dedicated to the re-use and continued use of residual materials and used goods.

kubus is a member of the cooperative association ReUse e.V., which originated out of a BMBF project of the same name. The association researches and implements sustainable solutions in the field of IT technology.

Past projects dedicated to the issue of re-use include, for example, Holz im Kreativkreislauf, which aimed to design products from waste timber. kubus provided the scientific expertise in the areas network development and economic models of re-use and continued use and advised the project management Baufachfrau e.V. on the development of a zero-waste business model. It also evaluated the project.

The projects ZeroWIN and ReUse-Velo subsequently examined how findings from Holz im Kreaktivkreislauf could be applied to other countries (e.g. Romania, the Netherlands) and product areas (e.g. bicycles).

Further information is available in the project list as well as related publications.
This area of focus is headed by Frank Becker and Johannes Dietrich.

Sustainable water management

Clean water and sanitary facilities for the global population is one of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Sustainable water management in Berlin and Brandenburg is absolutely essential in light of the estimated desertification of parts of the region due to climate change. kubus is pursuing this area of focus with a number of projects and events.

Further information is available in the project list, on the project homepage Zer0-M, as well as in related publications.
This area of focus is headed by Gisela Prystav.