Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

Details About “Studieren ab 45”

BANA is a four-semester (two-year) program with a practical focus. Students can complete the program with a certificate or confirmation of participation.

Courses are selected from TU Berlin’s regular course offer and compiled in a special BANA course catalogue published at the beginning of each semester (March and September). The program fosters learning between mature and younger students, with the experience of older students enriching teaching and research at TU Berlin.

Participants choose an area of focus and create their own timetable from the BANA course catalogue. You can choose how many courses to take each semester. However, this should not exceed 12 semester week hours (12 hours of class time per week). You are not required to take the full course load each semester.

BANA students can only choose one area of focus during their studies. After completing the program, however, it is possible to continue studying a different focus or take individual BANA courses.

In addition to gaining a theoretical understanding of the course material, students also apply their newly acquired knowledge in special projects combining theory and praxis in their area of focus. This allows them to develop and apply skills which are needed later for post-professional activities.

Students also take part in supplemental courses throughout the entire 2-year program, where they examine interdisciplinary issues, such as demographic and social change, aging, lifelong learning, and inter-generational learning. The program is complemented by service courses. These include learning how to write academic papers, the workshop “Wohnen und Leben in der Stadt,” the “BANAle Bücher” literary colloquium, film analysis and documentary production courses, as well as a course on environmental justice. These are specifically designed for BANA students, allowing you to gain a holistic understanding and skills that will benefit you long term.

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