Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)

BANA Guest Auditor Program Plus

BANA project laboratories

Since winter semester 2013/14, BANA students have had the option to explore and implement topics of their own choosing together within the framework of project laboratories. This teaching and learning format originated from TU Berlin’s student project laboratories, established in 1985.

All students can propose a project laboratory. However, it must fulfill the following requirements:

  • There is at least one contact person who is responsible for the project.

  • The project laboratory takes up an issue which expands on BANA’s offer and is not already addressed by its seminars or areas of focus.

  • The project is organized by students and contributes to solving a social, cultural, environmental or economic issue.

  • At the end of the semester, project findings (including interim findings) are made available to all BANA students. The combination of the project laboratories and presentation of their findings complements BANA’s core didactic-methodological approach.

  • Opportunities for reflection are regularly offered, allowing participants to independently review their project’s aims.

  • We promote collaboration with the project laboratories and tu projects organized by the University’s younger students to foster and develop intergenerational learning.

You can submit ideas for proposals to BANA’s scientific director.


Thomas Hasenauer
Fraunhoferstraße 33-36, 10587 Berlin
Room FH 1016

Tel.: +49 30 / 314 - 220 34
Fax: +49 30 / 314 - 242 76


BANA student homepage

The homepage "" was created through one of BANA’s additional course offers on creating a website. It functions as a homepage by students for students. It depends mainly on contributions from BANA students and the theory-practice project groups. The more students contribute, the more interesting and useful the homepage is.

Projektlabor BANA e.V.

Be active - not alone

In 1987, the first graduates from the BANA guest auditor program established the “Projektlabor BANA e.V.” association to foster long-term contact between current and past participants and provide a space to regularly share their work from the BANA areas of focus as well as present this to the public.

The association offers all BANA students and interested persons an opportunity to actively meet outside the lecture period and the University. Lectures, readings, and advising are regularly offered (e.g. on civic engagement or using a computer). During the lecture-free period, city walks, excursions, and project weeks are organized.

The association meets every Thursday, from 15-18:00 at Café BANA in the allotment garden, Oranienstr. 34, 10999 Berlin Registration and membership in the association are not required to attend.

Please contact the chairperson with any questions or suggestions. The association is always seeking students interested in further developing its activities.                                                                                                                                                                                


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