Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation(ZEWK)
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Workshops, seminars, advising and coaching
Practice-oriented offers on teaching and learning, science communication, leadership,
work and management techniques & research management.

Your future begins now
A four-semester program for persons aged 45 and over focusing on the city, the environment or nutrition & health.
kubus: Sustainability & Environment
Environmental protection and sustainable development as a solution for the ecological and social challenges of the future

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Dedicated to dialog between theory and praxis
Center for Cooperation between Science and the World of Work Discussion forums, projects and expertise

Scientific Continuing Education
BANA Guest Auditor Program
kubus: Sustainability & Environment
Center for Cooperation between Science and the Wor

Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK) offers a wide range of continuing education programs as well as interdisciplinary advising and opportunities for cooperation. We initiate and support cooperation between TU Berlin and external parties from science, industry, the working world and society. TU Berlin’s core goal of sustainable development also informs our work as well as that of our core areas.

Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation is a central institute of TU Berlin and is divided into four areas:

  1. Scientific Continuing Education
  2. BANA (program for guest auditors)
  3. kubus - Cooperation and Advisory Office for Environmental Issues
  4. KOOP - Center for Cooperation between Science and the World of Work

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Zentraleinrichtung Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung und Kooperation

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