Modern Language Center


In the ZEMS library you can find

  • textbooks and grammar books for most European languages and some non-European languages,
  • bibliographies, reference books, dictionaries,
  • books on teaching methodology and linguistics,
  • books on social issues,
  • magazines,
  • a small selection of fiction and graphic novels.

You can also use the Online catalogue. The books can be borrowed upon presentation of your student ID or library card. The loan period is four weeks, extensions are possible.

Here you can visit our media center.

You can find our terms of use under information material.

Library recommendations

Here you will find some recommendations from the ZEMS library for the following languages, including shelf marks.

FAQ Library

In the Library

Can I study and work in the library?

Of course. 15 workstations are available to you.
However, coats, rucksacks and bags must then be kept in a designated cupboard in the entrance area or on the coat rack. No liability is assumed for items brought along.

Is it possible to scan or copy?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy or scan books or magazines in the library.

Welche Sprachen bedient die Bibliothek?

In unserer Bibliothek finden sich Bücher zu den Sprachen Chinesisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch und Spanisch.

Wir haben auch einige Medien zu den Sprachen Albanisch, Arabisch, Dänisch, Esperanto, Finnisch, Gälisch, Gebärdensprache, Griechisch, Hebräisch, Hindi, Indonesisch, Isländisch, Japanisch, Katalanisch, Koreanisch, Latein, Niederländisch, Norwegisch, Persisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Rumänisch, Russisch, Sanskrit, Schwedisch, Swahili, Thai, Tschechisch, Türkisch, Ukrainisch, Ungarisch und Vietnamesisch.

Weiterhin umfasst unser Bestand Belletristik (Romane) in verschiedenen Sprachen, einen großen Teil didaktischer Bücher, Gesellschaftsbücher und Linguistikliteratur, sowie Bibliographien, Nachschlagewerke, Wörterbücher und verschiedensprachige Zeitschriften.

Where can I find CDs for the books?

The CDs for the books cannot be borrowed, except from lecturers. However, you can use them on the PCs located one floor below the library, in the media centre, an den dortigen PCs nutzen.

How do I find out about unexpected closing times?

Current reports such as unexpected closures will be announced as soon as possible on our website, on the library page.

Can I also make purchase suggestions?

You are welcome to give us suggestions, but unfortunately we won't be able to consider them until the end of the year.


Do I have to be a TU member to be able to borrow books?

Not necessarily. To borrow media, you need a valid TU ID card or a valid library card from the Volkswagen library, which you can obtain from the same library.

How long can I borrow the books?

You can keep the media for up to 28 days.

Can I hand in my books to other TU libraries?

Please try to return the books to the ZEMS library. You can also return your media, if the library is already closed, in the media center one floor down (3.12). 


How can I extend?

You can renew the media yourself via your library account using the TU login, as long as they have not been pre-ordered. Or you can write an email to leihstelle(at)

How often can I extend?

Renewals are possible up to a total loan period of 90 days, provided the book has not been reserved.

How expensive is a reminder?

If you miss a return deadline without extending or returning the books in time, you will be issued a reminder.

  • The first reminder is €2 per borrowed copy.
  • The second reminder is €5 per borrowed copy.
  • The third reminder is €8 per borrowed copy.


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