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Lernmaterialien Chinesisch

Learning material Chinese

On the English website you will learn how to effectively learn the target language and better acquire language skills. A variety of articles offer comprehensive learning tips for beginners and advanced learners who want to learn a language with greater independence outside of classrooms.

Reading skills

DUChinese: To enhance your A2 reading skills, you can practice using various texts on topics such as daily life, traditional history, etc. without a pinyin transcription system audio. The simple texts are free of charge.


Täglich Chinesisch: Learning characters with etymology is useful for beginners or learners who are interested in writing. You can look up the etymographic explanations, the corresponding pronunciation and the examples of Chinese characters in German. and You can create your own vocabulary cards of the new vocabulary with these two apps. It is possible to combine the lexicon packages with other learning materials, such as the HSK exam or some commonly used textbooks.



Online dictionary

Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Highly recommended Chinese-English dictionary, known worldwide for different operating systems. You can create your own decks and share with the other learners and download decks created by other learning materials such as the HSK vocabulary list or Chinese poems etc.


Etymographies: The contribution of Prof. Dr. Andreas Guder (FU Berlin) in Corona times for understanding China: Every day background information about Chinese characters, starting with the most common (and thus rather grammatical function bearing) characters.

Chineasy: A creative visual way - mnemonic bridges in the form of attractive pictures as an aid to learn characters. The Chineasy is especially interesting for visual learners of the target language. It should be noted that in the eyes of sinologists not all explanations of characters are etymographic.

Skritter: Highly recommended app for character learners. With the app's multi-functions, you can continue to learn the characters effectively and also practice handwriting. Monthly or yearly payment will be required after the trial.

Short films

NIU ZHONGWEN: Learn Chinese with Chinese short films and music.

Internet Media

Digital B1 textbook

Current issues in society, politics, and technology: Kommunikatives Chinesisch für die Mittelstufe (Lee & Soufflet, 2022). A conversation oriented textbook for advanced ChaF learners that guides discussion of current social issues in Chinese. It bridges basic reading skills and conversational skills at a relatively formal language level. The work can be used as a continued learning material after the textbook "China entdecken Band 2".