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What is onSET?

onSET is a globally used language test in C-Test format. It enables fast and accurate testing of global language competence in German or English. The test provides information about the language level on the scale between A2 to C1 or higher. 

How can I register for the onSET exam?

Register at least 3 business days in advance by sending an email to mediothek(at) and arrange an individual exam date.

What is the fee for students?

TU-studentsGuest/secondary students
10,00 Euro20,00 Euro

How is the onSET exam structured?

The onSET exam is a C-Test. In this test format, general language competence is tested. The test consists of 8 cloze texts to be completed in 5 minutes each. The test takes a total 40 minutes.

How do I prepare for the test and is there a preparation course?

Preparation courses for these tests are neither useful nor possible, as they provide a snapshot of the student's language level. As preparation, we recommend watching movies or reading articles and newspapers in the language.

What are the payment modalities?

Payment modalities

The onSET tests are subject to fees in accordance with the Framework fee schedule of the ZEMS and the applicable determinations by the Executive Board of the TU Berlin. 

Fees must be paid prior to the exam and proof of payment must be presented at the exam date.  

Bank transfer

AccountTechnical University of Berlin (ZEMS)
BankBerliner Volksbank
IBANDE44 1009 0000 8841 0152 59
PurposeLanguage report for ... (specify language)

What is the difference between the language tests Sprachgutachten and onSET?

The DAAD language assessment tests all language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and can be used for a Master's program or for some exchange projects such as ERASMUS, Overseas programs and others. ZEMS issues language certificates in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

The onSET exam (online language assessment test) is only a snapshot of your general language competence, i.e. it does not distinguish between listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in its assessment. The onSET exam is offered for English and German and can be taken on-site during the opening hours of the ZEMS Media Center.