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Credit points transfer / accreditation

How can the credit points of my certificate of academic achievement be credited?

You must register the language course as an elective or additional module at the beginning of the semester with the examination office. The ZEMS records all registrations and then forwards your grade after the end of the semester. Please note the information provided by ZEMS at the beginning of the semester and the deadlines of the examination office. 

I have received a certificate of academic achievement in my language course. Will the transcript of records be forwarded to the examination office?

The certificate of achievement will not be forwarded to the examination office. It is your personal confirmation of successful completion of the language course. At the beginning of the lecture period, all students attending courses at ZEMS are informed by mail about the procedures and deadlines for registering exams. If you have registered the examination of the course with the examination office, ZEMS will forward your grade to the examination office after successful completion of the course.

When registering the examination of my course at the examination office, I can choose between free elective module (= elective module) or an additional module. What is the difference?

When registering the examination of my course at the examination office, I can choose between free elective module (= elective module) or an additional module. What is the difference?

The free choice or the elective module serves to deepen and sharpen the study profile in a self-determined way. A module catalogue for free choice can be found under Studies and Teaching on the websites of the respective faculty. The language courses of the ZEMS are independent modules and count as part of this module. 

An additional module is neither a compulsory nor an elective module, but a module that can be taken in addition to the credit points required for one's own degree program.

Please contact the student advisory service for your subject area for information on credit points and credit transfer.

Is registration for the language course also registration for the examination?

Registration for the language course takes place at the beginning of the semester via the ZEMS homepage. The final examinations are part of the course, and every course participant is generally permitted to take part in the examinations.
Registration for the examination is also required if the language course is to be included in the course of study. In this case, as for all study-related modules, a separate registration for the examination is required, see General Study and Examination Regulations (§ 63). 

Is it possible to register for the examination after completion of the course?

No. Registration for all ZEMS courses ends on May 31st in the summer semester and November 30th in the winter semester.
After this date, it is no longer possible to register for the examination.

Can I cancel my registration for the exam?

Basically, you can cancel your registration for the exam. To do so, please send an email to the ZEMS media center team ( You can deregister from the examination up to 3 days before the first examination date of the course at the latest. It is not possible to withdraw from the examination at a later date. 

Do I always receive a certificate of achievement after completing a language course?

Every participant in a language course receives a certificate of achievement upon successful completion. This is usually made available as a PDF file in the Moodle course of the course.Participants who have not passed the course or have dropped out will not receive a certificate of achievement. 

Why is my grade not yet shown in my transcript of records even though I already have a transcript of records and have registered for the exam?

After your performance in a language course has been assessed, your grade is recorded and your transcript of records is issued.
Your grade will then be sent to your examination office and entered in your transcript of records. As many students attend a language course at the ZEMS, there may be delays. If your grade is not yet visible in the middle of the following semester, please contact your examination office.