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ZEMS Women's Representative

The part-time women's representatives of ZEMS are a body elected by the female employees. We advise and support the management of the ZEMS in the implementation of the state's equal opportunity mandate.

We advocate for equal development opportunities for all individuals and the elimination of existing disadvantages based on gender.

Our tasks:

  • Provide counseling and support to all women at our central facility,
  • Counseling in cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, violence,
  • Collaborating in the creation of women's advancement plans/targets and monitoring their compliance,
  • Collaboration to improve the situation of students/teachers/staff with children and the compatibility of family and university/profession,
  • Collaboration in hiring procedures,
  • Participation in the meetings of the advisory board of ZEMS,
  • Participating in the monthly plenary of all TU women's representatives.

Eva Díaz-Gutiérrez

pronouns: sie / ihr

I have always believed in a university that can be free from discrimination and inequality. I am committed to this as a faculty member and especially as a part-time Women's Representative. It is important to me to have an open ear for all our students and employees and to find solutions together when conflicts arise.

Raum: 3.03

Claudia Schumann

pronouns: sie / ihr

Studying, teaching and researching require an atmosphere of absolute equality. A place where individual voices are not heard or are heard less, where even the smallest injustice can flourish, hinders the collaborative and free development of all faculties, students and staff. As a deputy, I support the part-time women's representative and see myself as a point of contact for all issues related to equal opportunities.

Telefon: n.V
Raum: 3.12

ZEMS Women's Strategic Plan