Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)


Samples that are to be examined with the aid of a microscope must be prepared specifically for the instrument.
To do this, the conditions of the instrument and the sample holder must be known:
sample size - sample height or thickness - surface condition - conductivity - vacuum resistance 

For any examination procedure, the sample should first be viewed with a light microscope.



- LIMI: few size restrictions
- REM: max 25x25mm, height 10 mm, vacuum resistant, conductive
- MISO: max 25mm diameter, height 8 mm, max. thin section size:
48x25x 1.5mm, conductive, vacuum resistant
- FIB: max 25x25 mm, height 10mm, vacuum resistant, conductive


Target preparation with the FIB

- Preparation of electron-transparent specimens and cross-sectional areas for analysis with (S)TEM and SEM
- Lithographic processing of samples