Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)

Focused-Ion-Beam FEI Helios NanoLab

The dual-beam Focussed Ion Beam Helios NanoLab is a scanning electron microscope with simultaneous ion beam preparation capability.


Nanoworkbench FEI/ThermoFischer Helios nanolab 600

The nanoworkbench, a dual-beam FIB/SEM instrument, (Thermofisher HELIOS 600) combines a high-resolution electron microscope and a Ga-ion microscope and is therefore used not only for analysis but also for sample surface processing.


Office KWT 2
Room KWT-A 103

Characteristics / Methodology

Various process gases can be introduced into the device, which either increase the ion ablation or enable the growth of materials Thus, in addition to the main field of application, the target preparation of cross sections and TEM lamellae, the production of complex 3D structures is also possible. The instrument is additionally equipped with a detector for energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) and a Raith Elphy multibeam pattern generator for simple electron beam lithography tasks.



Electron column (Elstar)

Schottky Emitter
Acceleration voltage: 0,35 kV … 30 kV
Beam current: 0,7 pA … 22nA
Beam diameter: 1 nm @ 15 kV

Ion column (Sidewinder)

Liquid Ga-ion source
Acceleration voltage: 0,5 kV … 30 kV
beam current 1,5 pA … 21nA
beam diameter: 5 nm @ 30kV


Point Electronic 4-Quad BSE Detector
EDAX – EDX detector

-     5-Axis Stage
-    Omniprobe needle for lift-out processes
-    Large sample area: Wafers up to 150mm diameter can be completely approached.