Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)

Mikroskopische Analyseverfahren

Microscopic procedures are investigations with devices that magnify objects and provide an insight into the details.
This goes from a simple magnification into the nm range.


Scanning electron microscopy - SEM

- High-resolution images with topography and element contrast
- Elemental analysis EDX
- Crystal analysis EBSD
- In situ analyses, e.g. tensile-pressure module


Transmission Electron Microscopy - (S)TEM

- High-resolution images of electron-transparent samples
- Topography and microstructure
- Crystal and crystal defect analysis
- Elemental analysis EDX
- Sub-atomic resolution in HR- (S)TEM


Focused Ion Beam Analysis - FIB

- High-resolution SEM images of cross-sectional surfaces and their
prior target preparation.
- High resolution scanning ion images (SIM) with topography and channeling contrast.
- Furthermore target preparation of electron transparent (S)TEM samples and lithographic processing of samples.