Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)

Layer thickness determination

Layer thickness measurement with stream (light microscope)

Layer thicknesses down to a minimum of 1 µm can be measured optically using the Stream image analysis software.

Layer thickness measurement with DISS (scanning electron microscope)

In the scanning electron microscope, layer thicknesses down to a minimum of 10 nm can be measured with the Diss software.

Thin film analysis software StrataGem (electron beam microprobe)

If layers are so thin that the interaction volume of the electrons in the sample extends into the substrate (see sketch), the thin-film analysis software StrataGem can be used to calculate the composition as well as the density of the layer. For this purpose, the so-called K-ratio values of the layer and substrate elements determined in the quantitative analysis with standards are imported into StrataGem. StrataGem then calculates the composition and the density of the layer if the layer thickness is known. In the other case, when only the density is known, StrataGem calculates the layer thickness. 

This applies to layers with a thickness of 10 nm to 1 µm.

The software is installed on the electron beam microprobe.