Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)

How can I use the ZELMI?


New customers contact a responsible employee of ZELMI, or the head Dr. Dirk Berger, if interested, for the purpose of presenting the objectives.

In this preliminary discussion, the problem of the samples should be explained, as well as a suitable examination procedure should be found and the contact person should be named.

The scope of the investigations as well as the costs can already be estimated in the broadest sense.


Existing customers can immediately contact the responsible employee and discuss the investigation procedure with him.

TU internal users

Forms for TU internal users

For each examination series, one form per procedure used must be completed and submitted.
The forms are only valid for the year printed on them. In January, a new form must be submitted - even if the examinations have not yet been completed.

You will receive the form from your ZELMI contact person.

The form must be filled out by you and signed and stamped by an employee authorized to sign.

The following organizational fields are required. If they are not filled in, the forms will not be accepted as an order:

User - phone - e-mail
Head of department - cost center - secretary - institute - e-mail secretary
budget or project with WBS element
Stamp - Date - Signature

external users

Offer - Order service

External users can receive a quotation for the planned examination effort.

Based on this quotation, an official order with order number can be initiated.

A sample information sheet for the examinations must be submitted with the samples (form is available below).

The user must submit an accounts receivable sheet once.

An invoice will be issued upon completion of the work.