Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)
ZELMI im TEM-Gebäude

ZELMI in the TEM building

In the context of a new occupation of the physics professorship with Prof. Michael Lehmann and his research area "electron holography", a transmission electron microscope specially developed for this purpose could be procured. For this, a low-interference location was searched for and finally also found.

In 2009, the TEM building was built on a greenfield site on the northern grounds of the Charlottenburg TU campus. It is a specially designed building that has been decoupled from mechanical and other disturbances with particularly low interference. This building stands on a number of pillars that are founded deep in the earth. The interior of the building - the equipment wing - is decoupled from the surrounding building area, which houses offices and laboratories.

In 2010, it was completed and ZELMI was able to move in there with a scanning electron microscope and a transmission electron microscope. The electron holography transmission electron microscope and the Focused Ion Beam followed.

In 2021, a new transmission electron microscope was procured as part of excellence clusters and was also able to move into this building.

TEM building