Center for Electron Microscopy (ZELMI)

ZELMI in the KWT old building (KWT-A)

Since 1978, the CENTRAL INSTITUTE FOR ELECTRON MICROSCOPICS of the TU-Berlin has been located in the KWT-Altbau building on the main campus at Fasanenstraße.

In this building you will find the office of the director Dr. Dirk Berger, the secretariat, as well as scanning electron microscopy, light microscopes and the electron beam microprobe.

If you are coming from Straße des 17. Juni, drive through the barrier at the gatekeeper onto the main site. Behind the chemistry building on the left, turn left until you reach the metal gate to Fasanenstraße. Take the last street on the university grounds to the right; then you will already see our entrance sign at entrance 7 of the old KWT building.

The telephone next to the door is to be used like a normal one: Handset - number - waiting or handset to hang up.